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Powertech Transformers to enter the cast-resin dry type transformer market

Released: 14th November 2011

Powertech Transformers (PTT), a subsidiary of Powertech and the JSE listed Altron Group is pleased to announce that, they have entered into an alliance agreement with TMC Italia S.p.A for the supply by TMC of cast resin dry type windings/coils and transformers. The agreement covers components and products such as windings/coils and transformers up to 3 150kVA with the range which will be increasing to 20MVA.

TMC is one of the world leading manufacturers for cast resin dry type transformers. Their head quarters are based in Milan, Italy. TMC’s design and manufacturing operations include facilities in Spain, Argentina and Israel and commercial and engineering subsidiaries in Germany, France, Brazil, India and the United Kingdom.

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